A lecture series
devoted to encouraging
typographic literacy in

ISType (Istanbul Typography Seminars), conceived by Onur Yazıcıgil and Alessandro Segalini, is a lecture and workshop series devoted to encouraging typographic literacy in Turkey. The main objective is to establish a theoretical framework for students and professionals to learn the origins of typography and to understand where it is heading. A series of talks and applied workshops are led by nationally and internationally renowned typographers, calligraphers, and scholars.

ISType has been taking place since 2011 and after 2013 it was transformed into a biennial conference under Onur Yazıcıgil’s direction. Most recently ISType 2015 Swift was co-organized with Özlem Özkal at SALT Galata between June 12-14, 2015.

ISType strives to provide students, professionals and enthusiasts with an international gathering where ideas and inspiration can be shared. Moreover, ISType aims to contribute to the development of a typographic heritage in Turkey in which future generations can explore and create further contributions to typographic design and practice.

Our Generous Contributors

We are very lucky to have a group of creative people whose never ending support help us continue organizing ISType events.

Fahri Özkaramanlı, who designed our renowned 2013 and 2015 websites, has been guiding ISType and Kutu in building our latest web site.

Kutu, a young multidisciplinary design and development studio consisting of Murat Ersoy, Ayhan Güney and Nejat Can Ünlü has re-designed and developed our web site.

Murat Ersoy, re-designed our organization identity as well as our logo.

Zeynep Nevin Elçe translates our texts from English to Turkish.

Emre Parlak, designed the celebrated animation of ISType 2012 as well as formed the 2015 conference identity.

Alara Drahşan video documented ISType 2015 and created the promotional video of ISType 2015

Joelle Imamoğlu, Esen Karol, Gözde Oral and Christopher Çolak have generously spent their time brainstorming about this year’s conference, and helped us reach to a broader audience.

We are Thankful to our past conference staff

Zeynep Akay, Arda Aksoy, Farah Aksoy, Çağatay Alpay, Begüm Bahçecik, Bahar Balık, Burcu Bilge, İpek Ceylan, Gökçe İrten, Mina Karslıoğlu, Neslihan Koyuncu, Selim Kurar, Reysi Leon, Müge Mahmutçavuşoğlu, Stephanie Paine, Belmin Pilevneli, Nil Şimşek, Mert Tacir, Yaman Terzioğlu

Adelle: by Veronika Burian, José Scaglione
Duru: by Onur Yazıcıgil

Please reach us if you would like to join us :)