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Brody Neuenschwander’s workshop
“In theory there's not
much difference between
theory and practice.
But in practice,
there is huge difference."
Petr van Blokland
istype 2011

The first ISType conference of 2011 marked a new beginning for typographic education in the region. The conference consisted of applied workshops and lectures, which were attended by students and professionals alike. Brody Neuenschwander gave an experimental workshop utilizing various calligraphic tools. Attendees of this workshop had the opportunity to explore rhythm in writing, using both regular pens and found objects. In a workshop and lecture given by James Clough, participants investigated the architecture of the Roman letter. His lecture insightfully discussed the multitude of street and shop signs in Italy. Ewan Clayton's workshop encompassed the evolution of the Latin letterform with a focus on expressive letter-making. Alessandro Segalini introduced the principles of digitizing type and editing outlines utilizing the FontLab software, and Onur Yazicigil presented his experimental "Text Invader" method. Two lecturers were invited to speak about current issues in design. Petr van Blokland's "Designer Update" focused on the current and near future goals of the designer, and Karel van der Waarde presented his research regarding EU regulations medicine insert formats. The conference was held over a 3-day period and attended by 80 guests.

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