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Gerard Unger
“Working within the
constraints of a problem
is part of the fun
and challenge of design."
Ellen Lupton

ISType 2012 was the first thematic conference titled, Transmit, and aimed to address the unconditional nature of transmitting, spreading and disseminating information, whether biological or digital. We welcomed speakers to embrace this cycle and share their knowledge and stories on typography. For the 2012 conference we shifted the concentration towards creating a lecture series with several accompanying workshops. Gerry Leonidas gave a workshop focused on the design of Greek type, José Scaglione and Veronika Burian from TypeTogether presented their methods in digital type design. The main conference presentations began with keynote speaker Ellen Lupton’s marvelous talk on how good typography helps one to read, learn, relax, and stay calm. Following Ellen, 25 speakers lectured in the span of three days, covering various topics from typography in virtual reality to Ottoman and Byzantium script as well as technical issues of designing typefaces for mobile devices. Additionally, there were three panels which discussed publication design, type history and typography education. The conference tradition of a movie screening also began in 2012 with the documentary, “Linotype: The Film” directed by Douglas Wilson, and served as the Turkish premiere of the film. With an attendee rate of 218 people, the 2012 ISType Transmit event hosted over 100 participants from Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East.

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