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Brody Neuenschwander's workshop
“I'm very much a word
person, so that's why
typography for me is the
obvious extension. It just
makes my words visible.”
Eric Spiekermann

The fourth main ISType conference took place two years later and served as to shift the conference to a biennial event. ISType 2015 revolved around the theme Swift and aimed to investigate typography’s unsettled yet transformative behavior.

Information architect, type designer and author, Erik Spiekermann opened the conference with his keynote talk titled, Grotesque – A wrong name for the right typefaces at the right time. Spiekermann revealed the hidden story behind certain sanserif typefaces and how the category of Grotesque sanserif came about to represent these typefaces. Following the keynote talk, we had a two-day conference including topics addressing scientific studies of legibility, web typography, the idiosyncratic qualities of Arabic script, and the hidden motion of the Latin script.

In addition to the conference we had three separate workshops. With a gracious return to ISType, Brody Neuenschwander introduced his well known experimental calligraphy techniques under the title Body Language: Writing as Physical Expression. Attendees had a lot of fun writing with unexpected objects like a coke can, comb and wooden sticks. Peter Brugger complemented this by giving a display type design workshop. Using Peter’s modular technique, attendees had the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in creating a display typeface. Further, Azza Alameddine, shared her knowledge in the creation of counterpart Arabic logotypes to those with Latin letters. Attendees had a lot of exploration in the usage of various Arabic styles to match their Latin counterpart.

Finally, the conference ended with the screening of The Man of Black & White, a documentary film honoring, Adrian Frutiger, one of the most prolific type designers of the 20th century. Hereby, we commemorate his passing, which followed 3 months after the conference.

ISType 2015 Swift was attended by 220 guests.

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