ISType is an international conference that aims to create opportunities for established and emerging designers to share and develop their knowledge of typography. Occurring biennially in Istanbul, ISType brings together academics, industry professionals, and students—local, regional, and international—to discuss current issues and innovations in typography and to reflect upon developments and opportunities for its future growth.
ISType was cofounded by Onur Yazıcıgil and Alessandro Segalini in 2011. The first three events were co-organized by the two of them. In 2015 Onur collaborated with Özlem Özkal and co-organized that year’s event. In 2019 Emre Parlak and Murat Ersoy joined the organization as co-organizers to further develop the conference.

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ONUR YAZICIGİL is a typographer and design educator based in Istanbul. He received his MFA in visual communication design from Purdue University in the United States and PhD in graphic design from Mimar Sinan University. He has served as a board member at ATypI between 2013–2019 and has lectured on various topics in the field of typography. Since 2009 he’s been teaching typography and graphic design classes as a faculty member at Sabancı University. His research interests range from Latin and Arabic typographic history to 19th century Ottoman metal typefaces, with a particular emphasis on Ottoman naskh typefaces.

EMRE PARLAK is a visual communication designer based in Istanbul, primarily focused on visual identity, print, and digital design. He works independently and within Fevkalade, a visual design studio he co-founded in 2009. He completed his MA degree at Sabancı University Department of Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design in 2011. He taught at Yeditepe and Sabancı University as an instructor. Since the beginning of ISType Conferences, he’s been supporting the organization as a designer. In 2019 Emre joined ISType as a co-organizer to foster typographic education in Turkey and the region.

MURAT ERSOY is a product designer based in Istanbul, mostly focused on user experience interface design. He is a graduate of Sabancı University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design. Currently, he is a shareholder and a product manager at Farmazon, which is the first B2B marketplace in Turkey that focuses exclusively on pharmacies. He has been managing ISType’s operations ever since he first attended the 2013 conference as a student volunteer.