ISType [locl2] is happening on 14 March, 2021 on our Youtube channel at 14:00.

In celebration of our upcoming 10th anniversary, we’re organizing our second local event. We’ve always made sure to include a local element in all of our international conferences since 2011. This time, we’re highlighting the work of five Turkish art directors & type designers. Inspired by the OpenType programming lingo [locl], meaning Localized Forms, we’ve invited Özge Güven, Oğuzhan Cengiz, Dilek Nur Ünsür & Monroe Creative Studio to present their adventures in type design.

This event will be free of charge and held in Turkish. Our international friends are welcome to enjoy the visuals presented in this live YouTube conference, if not just to practice their Turkish :) 

ISType is an international conference that aims to create opportunities for established and emerging designers to share and develop their knowledge of typography.